Our Services

KDEL provides expert global consulting training services to organizations. Our skills range from teaching business turnaround strategies, to institution of project management principles, executive leadership coaching, business assessment services, and proposals through the platforms below.

See one of our templates for post-recession revitalization of real estate development firms

Business Turnarounds                                                                                                                 

Our experts study your business’ peculiar circumstances and provide uniquely tailored turnaround strategies and paths. We ascertain if your organization’s need is in being revitalized, growth, maintenance of existing market share, or reversal of a decline. We then leverage our insights, expertise, knowledge of industrial trends, and forecasting so as to provide effective solutions on short or long-term advisory or supervisory capacities. Ideally, our short-term interventions are 3 months in duration, while our long-term interventions range between 9-12 months in duration.

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Project Management                                                                                                                   

Our project management facilitation team introduces, embeds, and perfects requisite project management methodologies for organizations that want to be competitive in their business niches. We utilize the principles of PMI’s Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) to set up Project Management Offices (PMOs) and train professionals from within the ranks of the organization with the objective of attaining expertise in initiating, planning, executing, monitoring, controlling, and closing projects within prescribed baselines. KDEL focuses on instructing budding and practicing project managers on how to develop network diagrams, identify critical paths, use slacks and floats, and utilize them to make risk and performance-based decisions that will enhance customer satisfaction, balance cost, quality, and schedule baselines, and manage internal and external resources efficiently. Our short-term project management interventions are 3 months in duration, while our long-term interventions range between 9-18 months in duration.

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Executive Leadership Coaching                                                                                         

KDEL provides private coaching sessions for organizational leaders in the areas of managing change, diversity, scarce resources, motivating employees intrinsically, using MS Project for scheduling and managing projects, resolving conflicts, managing teams optimally, communicating strategically, and empowering others. Our leadership coaching sessions are short-term and virtual in nature and do not exceed 6 months in duration.

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Workshops & Seminars                                                                                                     

KDEL facilitates workshops and seminars for large and small organizations, government agencies, and chambers of commerce. KDEL’s workshops are tailored to the peculiar demands of her clients, and range through all the service areas we specialize in: change management, project management, strategic communications, team dynamics, revitalizing organizational fortunes, budgeting through scarcity, and developing organizational leaderships. Our workshops and seminars do not exceed 2 working days in duration (per knowledge area), and could be delivered virtually or face-to-face.

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Business Assessments                                                                                                         

KDEL performs viability, sustainability, and growth assessments for small and medium sized businesses. Our services range from any one or a combination of the following assessment sub-services:

  1. Observations
  2. Analyses
  3. Business Plans & Set-Up
  4. Execution
  5. Monitoring & Controlling

Our business assessment assignments range from 2 week to 4 week durations.

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KDEL assists businesses write competitive proposals and formulate industry-specific business plans. Our proposal writing assignments are of varying durations, based on the intricacies and requirements of the proposal, as well as the level of research required for each proposal.

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