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-Dr. Kene Ewulu

Building Your Business On A Solid Foundation

Do you run a small business and need to build on a solid foundation?

Then you need a plan, a business plan!

You need to address the questions your potential clients may have:

  • Are you officially registered as a business in your country of domicile?
  • Do you have easily identifiable and verifiable credentials – website, official email address, web presence, and tax identification number?
  • Do you intend to grow by injecting more funds into the business?
  • Do you have a business plan presentation ready?
  • Do you have a financial plan to help you raise the needed capital for expansion?

These are components of what I have aptly called “The Process” towards having a cutting-edge business plan. This is part of the BPAVE course; see more detailed information here: BPAVE

Every month, I will be giving you more detailed information on how to obtain these foundational credentials on this page.  You can also access this information by joining my Facebook page through this link: