Business Turnarounds


6-Month turnaround program that includes assessment of current economic and market status, identification of innovative solutions through brainstorming sessions, selection of strategy through the Delphi technique, implementation of selected strategy, mentoring executive leaderships for eventual hand-offs, and documentation of workable processes.

Enhancing Growth:

3-Month turnaround program that includes access to, and assessment of, current market trends and status, critical analyses of competition, strategy development for maintaining future growth, consideration for nationalization and/or globalization, implementation of selected strategy, and short-term results at program end.

Maintaining Market Share:

3-Month turnaround program that includes access to organizational market data, assessment of competition, definition and selection of strategies for retaining market share, and implementation of selected strategies.

Reversal of Decline:

6-Month turnaround program that studies the current maladies of the organization, identifies reasons for decline and designs custom solutions through the Ishikawa diagrammatic system, and aggressively implements custom solutions aimed at negating root causes and forcing positive trends.

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